your top tips for working from home

top tips for working from home

your top tips for working from home

Top tips for working from home

My top 10 as well as your contributions too!

martin jones seo consultantI’m Martin Jones – Web Development & SEO Consultantand I’ve been working from home for over 18 years

So when lockdown came in, I figured this might be something I could write about that’d be a little more interesting than web development or my role as an SEO consultant. I figured I should have some tips after all this time for working from home. These lists aren’t intended to be exhaustive, or even important. But I hope some of it will be useful, fun and possibly thought-provoking. It’s our list and testament to the urrent verve for collaboration.

Your Top Tips [below]
Where there were recurring suggestions, I’ve made sure they’re included. Some are in there because they’ve made me smile or bring a different perspective.

My Top Tips
I’ve stuck to general tips on motivation & productivity and tried to avoid the stuff you folks have covered.

1. Build In Rewards

For example, if I get enough work done by Thursday evening, I get to take a half day on Friday.

2. If You’re Stuck, Get Out

When you’re running out of steam on a particular task, move onto something else or take a break. Let your subconcious do it’s thing. This is why solutions occur after we finish for the day.

3. Mental Separation

Try not to work where you later want to relax or socialise. If you can close a door on it, perfect. The same goes for never checking your email after hours.home working tips

4. Air, Light & Water

These three simple things will keep you alert and productive. In your office, design and structure may have taken care of these to an extent, but at home you might need to be more conscious of it.

5. But Keep Entertained

Radio 6 does it for me most of the time. But by Thursday afternoon, motvation is flagging. So I deploy my favorite podcasts to keep me entertained and at my desk. Though nothing that demands too much of my attention.home working tips

6. Switch Your Email Off 

I changed my email settings so that it doesn’t ping the second something hits my inbox. Instead, checking it every hour has made me far more productive. It’s money in the bank. Same with my mobile.

7. Schedule Your Breaks 

If it’s not in my schedule, I don’t do it. The same goes for breaks and exercise. And both keep me productive.

8. Pat Yourself On The Back 

When there’s no one else around to tell you ‘well done’ you’ve got to tell yourself.

9. Daily Goals 

I found that if I just concentrate on my daily goals, and don’t worry about the weeks ahead, the weekly and monthly goals take care of themselves.home working tips

10. The Things You Love 

My office is filled and covered with reminders of the art, activities and people I love. It reminds me what I’m working for and what really matters. More of them in another post, perhaps.home working tips

NOTE: The stars indicate how often I think I practice what I preach. = NOT OFTEN  /  = ALL THE TIME

– my contributors top tips-

matt williams, code launch, cms developer

Matthew Williams
Software Architect, CodeLaunch

My tip; create a healthy desk setup. And by healthy I mean make sure your chair has good back support (or use a pillow if not), as well as practise good posture.”

Laura Bazile

Laura Bazile
Communications & Event Executive, Resolutions Events Ltd

Laugh. I read recently that laugh is a resilience skill.”

kyle parker

Kyle Parker
Risk Management Consultant, Creditsafe

Our Zoom team meetings started with a quick quiz… Spirits were lifted and energy levels high for the day. It has had a large impact on productivity.

danny kershaw, prize content

Danny Kershaw
Account Manager, Prize Content

“My tip; get up and out early. Walk, exercise, even just have a mooch round your garden with a coffee. That early morning sun is a great way to start the day.”

Michelle Hay

Michelle Hay
Michelle Hay Training Ltd.

“If you’re an employer… Review and update the policy on home working, issue to employees and check the insurance implications of people working from home”


Gavin Clarke
Personal Trainer & Instructor

Activate muscle. Being active is important but activating muscles that get switched off through long periods of sitting and inactivity can cause mobility issues.”

sarah steinhofel

Sarah Steinhöfel
Content Creator, The Smart Bear

Do something you love every day. That for me is singing my heart out to Queen songs.”

Andy Jones
Freelance Copywriter & Author

Jacqueline Eyre, tips n mental health in lockdown

Jacqueline Eyre
Stress & Loss Specialist, Eyre Therapy

Do tasks for no longer than 45 minutes then have a break this makes us more effective and gives us longer energy. Multi-tasking sounds good but actually make us more tired and less capable.”

karim samani

Karim Samani
Managing Director, TechCleaners

“If your work has provided you with I.T devices to work from home, you want to make sure that they are not contaminated with any viruses, bacteria or germs and safe to use. “

Peter Hall, Digital Marketing Consultant

Peter Hall
Digital Marketing Consultant, Perpetial 10

De-escalate conflict. We’re going to see things about family and partners that annoy us. When a potential conflict is coming, try to de-escalate it rather than letting it boil over.”

matt schofield

Matt Schofield
Managing Director, The IT Dept

Sanity for me is time with my family… and going on the trampoline at lunchtime in the garden.”

Stephen Sutherland

Stephen Sutherland
Founder of Social Circle

“Only watch the headline news twice a day.

Tim Akerman

Tim Akerman
Coach & Mentor, Tamarind Tree Consulting

I find routine is key. Have a standard daily routine including breaks – standard work, what else would you expect from me! Don’t set timelines that are unachievable.”

Jennifer Toothill

Jennifer Toothill
Account Manager for Sterling Event Group

Make sure you get dressed! Set up your space and give yourself breaks!”

Alastair Swindlehurst

Alastair Swindlehurst
HR Managing Director, Swindlehurst consulting Ltd.

“Give yourself start and finish times, don’t get drawn in to checking everything all of the time.

Kate Branagan

Kate Branagan
Owner, Branagan Flooring

Chat – stay in touch with people – build relationships.
This is needed more than ever now in the current world we find ourselves in.”

Thomas Wilcox

Thomas Wilcox
Physiotherapist, Physiofusion

Ensuring your ergonomics are correct while working from home is vital. We suspect almost everyone will be using a set-up at home that hasn’t been optimally designed for them.”

Natalie Lewis

Natalie Lewis
HR Consultant, Dynamic HR Services

Get up at the same time, have a shower, put your make up on and stick to a routine.”

Jennifer Barnfield

Jennifer Barnfield
Business Owner & Motivational Speaker, The PEPP Method

Be kind to yourself when organising working life around family life. Remember that spending time with your family is of paramount importance too.

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