wordpress security

wordpress security

web-securityWhen it comes to WordPress Security, there are a few simple, but very important steps you need to take.


Why are there WordPress security issues?

As WordPress websites become more and more popular, WordPress security issues are on the increase. This is because WordPress uses a common platform shared across all of its sites. So, developing ways of hacking into WordPress and it’s plugins gives hackers access to thousands and thousands of websites. For them, it’s a numbers game.


What kind of websites do hackers target?

People often think website and WordPress security isn’t an issue for them. “We just sell our services locally and don’t store any sensitive data within our website.” Unfortunately, you don’t have to have any information of interest to the hackers to be vulnerable. Often it’s done purely for malice or mischief. In the meantime, your website is down and you’re losing out on leads and possibly, new business.

If your website security isn’t up to scratch, you could lose more than your shop window for a few days.  If your site is being attacked by hackers, your hosting company may remove the site itself as it before it is breached as it poses a security risk. If they don’t and the website is compromised, you are then reliant on having backups of the old site and the means to scan both versions to find the malware within it.


What are the main WordPress security issues?

The common WordPress security issues fall into three broad categories; forms and updates.

wordpress security
WordPress Form Captcha

WordPress Security – Forms Your WordPress Login page uses a form and most WordPress websites also have a contact form somewhere also. If you have the Comments function switched on, this might also be a website security issue. Each of these forms can be bombarded with thousands of attempts to get in by spammers generating vast numbers of usernames and passwords. This is itself a WordPress security issue and a good web host will spot this and quarantine your website. See below for ways to check website security and the best wordpress security plugin/s to protect your forms.




wordpress security
WordPress plugin page

WordPress Security – Updates Your main WordPress install and all of your plugins need to be updated regularly. If they aren’t they represent multiple WordPress security issues. WordPress plugins, and the main install often need updating because hackers have found a gap in their security and are trying to exploit it. When you log in to your WordPress website, the dashboard tells you if anything is out of date and needs updating. This is often ignored and though the WordPress core is updated automatically if left too long, but your plugins aren’t. Plugins that need updating are highlighted, as you can see on theft it also tells you how many updates you have pending. So get in the habit of logging in once a week to do so. It’s quick and easy and you can see how to do it below.

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