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Custom WordPress Development Services

As a WordPress development company, we have a team of WordPress developers who cover a lot of disciplines, all specialists in their own areas. From web design to web building, cms integration, e-commerce and more. In short, we design & develop custom WordPress sites that have a great user experience. If you’re not sure what you need from your WordPress site, we will make sure you know what you need, what you don’t and exactly what you’re paying for.

A quick fix or a big development project, we’ll take care of it. We work on fixing sites, WordPress customisation, developing custom WordPress themes and occasionally, plugin development.

If your website requires regular care and attention, we offer WordPress Care Packages. We can host your website, and run daily back-up and regular plugin updates. Contact us for details and prices.

The benefits of a WordPress design and build

The benefits stem from it being open source. This means that no one owns the platform and it’s easy to find WordPress designers. Another key benefit is the abundance of WordPress plugins you can use to add functionality. And we also provide WordPress plugin development. Also, WordPress comes with its own content management system (cms) which is quite intuitive.

However, there are a few things you need to be conscious of… Plugins need regular updates and can break things. Also, your website may become too reliant on plugins, which may slow it down. This is bad for the user experience and for SEO. A WordPress development agency worth its salt will make sure your plugins are kept up-to-date and will build as much functionality into your theme as possible, making it less reliant on the plugins.

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