What are ‘TRANSITION WORDS’ and why are they important to SEO?

What are TRANSITION WORDSIn order to guide your reader, you should use plenty transition words. Also known as signal words, transition words give direction to your readers.

They show the reader that you are summarizing (and, too), comparing (less than, rather) or concluding something (thus, consequently, hence).

Using transition words will be like putting cement between your sentences. Transition words show your readers the connection between sentences and paragraphs.

If you are not used to using transition words yourself, it can be hard to correct texts you have already written. Make sure to use transition words whenever you are summarizing or enumerating. Also, use signal words in your conclusion. Help people to grasp the main message of your text.


Headings are important for SEO purposes. Google uses your headings to determine the topic of the content on your website. Your headings thus should be used to optimize your post. However, headings are of great importance for your readers as well. Headers allow your readers to quickly scan through your text and to decide whether or not (or which parts) they would like to read your article. Headings thus should be attractive and should cover the content of the paragraph.

You can put a header above each paragraph, or above a number of paragraphs which contain similar topics. The headers should reflect the structure of your text. We would advise you to put a header above every long paragraph ( or above a few short paragraphs which are thematically similar).
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