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We use lots of online tools and analytics to perform a website audit for you and build up a three dimensional picture of how your website is performing. We’ll look at analytics to see how much traffic your site gets, where visitors come from, what they click on and how quickly they leave. We can traffic from your social media accounts if you have them, from other referring sites and determine how much of the traffic is from people trying to spam or sell to you.

We’ll run an automated (technical) audit your website to see what works and what doesn’t from the search engines perspectives. If the search engines don’t like something, they’ll bring it to our attention. Often, some quick fixes flagged up at this stage will have a positive effect on your rankings. At the very least, you’ll know where you stand and we’ll provide you with a an Optimisation ‘To Do’ list.

This information can be compiled into one easy to understand report (see below), complete with suggestions for improving your website’s performance and ultimately, finding new customers.

Sample Website Audit report


website audit
sample website audit report