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Web Development

As a web development company, we cover a lot of disciplines, from web design to web building, cms integration, e-commerce and more. As such, it can be pretty confusing and hard to know what it is you’re paying for in a web development project. We will make sure you know what you’re paying for and be on-hand to answer all of your questions.

A quick fix or a big web development project, we’ll take care of it.

Ideally, your web development company should help your business grow and at least be paying for its self. Good web design takes into account what you want from those who visit it, as well as those who use it. A well-designed website should quickly put the desired information in front of visitors. It should also prompt the desired response from the website owner at every turn with the right cues for your audience.

How We Work

When is a web development agency not an agency? Red Design is at its heart an agency without the big office and overheads. Red Design is run by Martin Jones who completes some of the work himself, particularly design, planning, SEO consultancy and project management. The rest is done by Martin’s a close team of web developers, all tried and trusted.

Red Design will make sure the appropriate web developers are working on your site. Big or small, your web development project will be handled by the colleague with the development skills best suited to your job.

We will work hard to understand what it is your business needs from your website and what your web design project needs to include. You will have one point of contact, Martin, who will write your brief, cost out the project and ensure it gets completed on time and to your budget.

Details of the core services we offer

However, if you don’t see it here, it doesn’t mean we don’t provide it. There are just too many areas of Web Development to list them all here, but we have the expertise and the specialists to call, no matter what it is you need.


Good planning means a good website… or a good anything for that matter.

Let’s work out what your audience wants out of your website as well as what you want from it. If you need to be found on-line, we can plan the web design around the keyword and competitor research.

Knowing what you want your visitors to do when they arrive on your website sounds obvious, but often gets forgotten about somewhere along the development stage.

more on planning

What you want from your website, and what your customers want, is going to change over time. Planning for the future of your business and future-proofing the build of your site is the ideal of any web development project.

Often, good planning starts with looking a how your current website performs. How do people find it, use it and where do they jump off it.

Web Design

As a web development company, we provide fully responsive, mobile-friendly web design as standard. Branded to your business with the functionality you need.

If users getting in touch with you is important, we will make sure the web design compels the user to make contact.

If being found by potential new customers via search engines is important for you, we’ll plan your content around that purpose.

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You might e a relatively new business that just need something that is simple, functional and puts the information your visitors are after infront of them quickly. We’ll that’s a satisfying option for us too. If you’ve not had a business website before, then that first iteration will change of the coming years, so there’s no need to throw the kitchen sink at the project. Look at it as a long-term goal of your web development project that helps you learn about your customers.

And if you do want all of the whistles and bells, and want to wow your audience, we’ve lots of ideas.

Web Development & Builds

Most of the time, we like to build in WordPress. It’s accessible and perfect or most non-transactional websites. For WordPress web development projects, we make sure the site isn’t dependent on lots of plug-ins. This is so that it runs smoothly and quickly and doesn’t need those regular updates.

For those projects where the functionality stretches WordPress that bit too far, we often use Laravel. Laravel web development allows us to build more complex e-commerce functionality and better customer management interfaces.

additional stuff

Examples would include large e-comemrce sites or those that need a large degree of integration with ofice CRM systems, or might even be that CRM as well as the company website.

Depending on the needs of your website build, we will make sure the most suitable programmer is working on it for you. If you sell something online, we’ll have a programmer that’s built lots of e-commerce websites. If it requires a specific basket system, then the web developer for your website will have experience of that platform.


Security is always a factor, no matter how small your website’s reach. All websites come under attack whether through random, brute force attacks, or via something far more sophisticated and specifically targetting your company.

Random brute force attacks catch out owners of Wordpess websites all the time. This is simply because they don’t see why anyone would hack into their website.

more on security

The truth is, these attacks are generally random and done for the sake of causing mischief. But, the good news is they’re easy to prevent.

With WordPress web development projects, there are a few simple things that can be done to block brute force attacks and hide your login page from ‘bots’. That usually just leaves the plugins, which need regular updates to ensure that any vulneravbilities have been removed by updating to the latest version. We can do this for you each month, or better still, add the functionality from those plugins to the theme it self. That way, you’ve solved a speed issue and a security issue at the same time!


Good tracking and analytics are worth considering early in any web development project. Tracking aand analytics are what enables you to make your website work for you and generate more enquiries.

Depending on the size of the your websites reach and the volume of enquiries it genearates, or the type of sales or conversions are important to you, we will decide what tracking and website analytics is best for you.

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If you need to see who visits the site but doesn’t get in touch, we can find out for you. If you want to record your calls we can do that, as well as learn more about your conversions from those calls.

Perhaps we need to larn more about your customers to improve the performance of your Pay-per-click campaigns? There are lots of options out there and we will help to integrate them into your website and make sense of them for you.

Good data and it’s availabiliy is a huge advantage you can have over your competitors. ach month, it can give us insight and ideas of how we can do better.


Nine out of ten clients need hosting thats pretty basic. Some need something a bit more robust to deal with high volumes of traffic and additional security.

What all of them need though, is one point of contact that can make sure their website is kept online, is secure and regularly backed-up. All sorts of additional services hang of the hosting, such as domain name renewal, email forwarding and secure certificates.


We will advise you on what you need and what you don’t.

Quite often, if a client is responsible for chosing a hosting service for their company website, they will be offered thre packages by the host, and will be sensible and choose the middle one. It’s human nature and the hosts know that someone that doesn’t know the technical details will ant to avoid the cheapest option, just in case, and wont want to fork-out for the ‘Big Kahuna’.

We don’t offer the three standard options, because we’ve never reallly met a standard comapny. Just pay for what you need.

website development company

How Can a Web Development Company Help You Grow Your Business?

Web development includes anything from small fixes to your website through to the development of it’s functionality, and onto designing and building a new website from scratch.

Your average web development company should be able to provide pretty much anything you would like… Fully responsive templates, database integration, content management systems, auto translations, e-commerce platforms and real-time reporting are all commonplace these days. WordPress web design can be handled by any half-decent web development agency also. But the most important function of your website is its ability to grow your business.

Growing your business through your website is where a good web development company can really show you what’s possible. We’ve lots of experience in connecting customers with new clients. we will help you identify who your target audience is and how to attract them. Once we’ve got them on your website, we need to compel that visitor to get in touch. And in a nutshell, that’s what a good web development agency should be aiming for. If your website design draws in more enquiries and makes more money, that also helps the web development agency. If we make our clients more money, they will be happy to reinvest some of that profit in pushing the development of their website and their digital marketing company.

And we don’t just build and walk away. We’ll help with planning and research at the start and we’ll be here once it’s gone live, to see how it’s working and how its performance can be improved.

We’ll make sure you know how to manage your own content. If required, we can provide in-house WordPress training so that you have control over your own site. [More on WordPress Training] If search engine rankings are important to you, we can carry out a regular website audit to monitor traffic and search engine rankings. Above all, we’ll concentrate on making the phone ring.

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