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As a web development company, based in Manchester, we cover a lot of disciplines. From web design to web building, cms integration to e-commerce and more. As a customer, it can be hard to navigate the overlapping services and requirements in a website project. We will make sure you know what you’re paying for and be on hand to answer all of your questions.

A quick fix or a big web design and development project, we’ll take care of it.

Ideally, your web partner should help your business grow and at least be paying for itself. Good web design takes into account what you want from those who visit it, as well as those who use it. A well-designed website should quickly put the desired information in front of visitors. It should also prompt the desired response from the website owner at every turn with the right cues for your audience.

How We Work

When is a web development agency not an agency? Red Design is at its heart a digital agency without the big office and overheads. Red Design is run by Martin Jones who completes some of the work himself, particularly design, planning, SEO consultancy and project management. The rest is done by Martin’s close team of Manchester web developers, all tried and trusted.

Red Design will make sure the appropriate web developers are working on your site. Big or small, your online project will be handled by myself, Martin Jones, and the programmer with the development skills best suited to your job.

We will work hard to understand what it is your business needs from your website and what your web design project needs to include. You will have one point of contact, Martin, who will write your brief, cost out the project and ensure it gets completed on time and to your budget.

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Growing your business through your website is where a good web company should come into its own. We’ve lots of experience in connecting customers with new clients. We will help you identify who your target audience is and how to connect with them. Once we’ve got them on your website, we need to compel that visitor to get in touch. In a nutshell, that’s what good digital marketing should do. If your website generates enquiries and makes more money, that also helps us. If we make our clients more money, they will be happy to reinvest in the development of their website and in their digital marketing.

We don’t just build and walk away. We’re there at the planning and research stage and we’ll be there once it’s gone live. We want to see how the site is working and how its performance can be improved. We can set up and monitor conversion rates, keep an eye on your organic search engine rankings and, working closely with you, collaborate on further development.

We’ll make sure you know how to manage your own content. If required, we can provide in-house WordPress training so that you have control over your own site. [More on WordPress Training] If search engine rankings are important to you, we can carry out a regular website audits to monitor traffic and search engine rankings. Above all, we’ll concentrate on making the phone ring.

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