The Robots Are Coming! Blog Series


The Robots Are Coming! Blog Series

seo consultant manchesterI thought it’d be a good time to write about AI and how it is affecting businesses and the future of marketing.

I’m Martin Jones, owner of Red Design and writer of this series, with over 25 years of industry experience

I’ll be coving the benefits of AI for small businesses as well as the threats. I’ll get into specific AI tools that can help you and film some explainer videos along the way. See the previews below. If there’s something specific you would like covered… just let me know.

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Fall in love with A.I.

Embracing the new world of marketing.

There are perhaps as many reasons to love A.I. as there are to fear it. But I want to start this series on a positive note.

A.I. has been playing a part in marketing for some time, though quietly and behind the scenes. Chatbots are the most obvious example of A.I. making decisions for us to increase customer interaction through our websites. But now the market is flooded with new tools, third-party dashboards and services that give us access to the power of A.I. in order to create content, manage sales funnels and lots more.

Now is the time to embrace these new tools and get a relatively early handle on them.


A.I. for image generation

A quick guide to some of the best new tools 

So, it doesn’t take a genius to see I’ve been using A.I. for this and my new blog, The Bulls**t Detector.

I’ll be looking at image-generating apps for marketing professionals, including Midjourney, Fotor, NightCafe, DALL-E 2Canva and Dream by Wombo.

I’ve been using Midjourney, in conjunction with Discord and I’ll be writing about the specifics in a separate post. In the short time that Midjourney has been live (since July 12, 2022), it has moved on in leaps and bounds. in the last few months, it finally seems to have got the hang of drawing hands accurately. But then again, I know people at art college who never did!

ai tools for marketing

A.I. for content writing

Tools, tips and the future of copywriting

First, we had Grammarly correcting our typos. Now we’ve got tools like chat GPT doing ALL the heavy lifting for us. “The future of copywriting is poised for exciting transformations.? At least that’s what Chat GPT told me a moment ago.

Yes, it’s an incredible labour-saving tool, but in reality, there are a number of pitfalls. In this post, I’ll be looking at the best ways to use these tools. I’ll talk about how to avoid filling your marketing material with a rehash of other people’s content or worse, end up with inaccurate information or copy that could harm the performance of your website.

If I have time, I may even cover the moral dimension.


Is A.I. coming for your job?

What jobs can A.I. do now and next?

We’ve seen the creep of A.I. into call centres with news, just this week, of BT axing jobs in a shift to A.I. for its customer services. Elsewhere, it’s crept in as big businesses direct us to chat-bots instead of human beings.

In the world of marketing, it feels like a bomb has just gone off. Content creation has been turned on its head, first of all by Chat GPT for copywriting. Image creation apps are doing the same to the visual arts and photography sectors. Some new tools, like Ad Creative, Zign AI can create a suite of marketing material from your prompts. So no need for a graphic designer then?

For all of us, it may be time to adapt or die.

ai and junk mail

A.I. and Junk Mail

Are the bots working both sides.

Recent reports show that, as ever, criminals are early adopters of new technology. This includes A.I. and is being used to power online scams, spam and junk mail. Artificial Intelligence coupled with the funds and will of organised criminals is a scary thought.

That said, AI also plays a role in combating junk emails and protecting us from spammers and scammers. A.I. tools have been trained to analyze email patterns, sender reputation, content, and user feedback to identify and filter out spam messages. It detects suspicious links, phishing attempts and malware, preventing them from reaching us.

So is there a net gain? We’ll be looking at it in more detail.

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