The A-Z of working from home, by Laura Bazile

the a-z of working at home

The A-Z of working from home, by Laura Bazile

The A-Z of working from home

Laura Bazile

By Laura Bazile

Communications &
Event Executive
Resolutions Events Ltd.

How I know Lauramartin jones seo consultant

I’m Martin Jones, a Web development and SEO consultant in Manchester. I’ve known Laura since mid-2019. Perhaps Laura can remind me. But since then we’ve been collaborating on a web project for a law association, which will support Laura’s events work.  What else do you need to know? Laura has the most fantastic French accent.

…is for Attention to details.

Be sure you have a dedicated space in your house just for work.

…is for Business-as-usual

Don’t make your clients have to go elsewhere for your service or product.

…is for Collaboration

Wherever you are in the customer service spectrum your clients must feel that you collaborate with them.

…is for De-clutter

Tidier workspace, personal spaces and in-box will make you more productive.

…is for Educate

Learn a new skill. Develop a project. Pick up something that helps you do your job better.

…is for Fear of Missing Out

Fear of Missing Out is no longer a factor. Remember: you have time.

…is for Grab

Grab some you-time when you need it. Your space and time organisations are the two main pillars.

…is for Harvest

Harvest the full potential of your own organisation and do some readjustments where/when needed.

…is for Internet

Is internet our saviour or our worst enemy? Try to foster health habits around your internet time.

…is for Joy of Missing Out

How can you stay away from the “breaking news”. Start by being selective on your media sources.

…is for Keep Calm

Your work hasn’t changed that much, you haven’t changed that much. The way you interact has.

…is for Liaise

No real excuse not to liaise with your peers. Everyone seems to be doing much more of it since lock-down

…is for Motivation

Motivation can come from planning and having rewards built in to your schedule.

…is for Network

Don’t go overboard with expanding your network – (See Dunbar’s Number & The Rule of 150).

…is for Open

Try new technologies. Be sure you choose those that help you and your business first.

…is for Practise what you Preach

You might have “liked” dozens of posts preaching “motivation is key”, “re-organise your organisation” etc. Procrastination is out.

…is for Quantify

It is easy to lose track of your time when you have no commute. Work/life balance shouldn’t vanish just because you are working from home.

…is for Routine

Routine is good. If it worked for you before, so stick to it.

…is for Share

Share what works for you with your inner circle. Colleagues, peers and family are still one click away.

…is for Transparency

Be as transparent as possible with your clients, team and suppliers. Communication is a vital when things go pear-shaped.

…is for Unique

The current situation is pretty unique, but so are you. So keep a handle on your individuality.

…is for Versatile

You were probably already juggling different projects before this. Trust yourself to keep doing it.

…is for Welcome

Welcome the current situation as a way to re-invent yourself. Once the adaptation period is over, you will naturally step into a world of newness.

…is for Excel

Excel in what you are already doing well. Keeping your clients happy, nurturing that special vibe. Don’t change it, just improve it.

…is for You

You are your most important asset, so treat yourself with care and empathy.

…is for Zoom

Not that Zoom… Zoom-In and Zoom-Out whenever necessary. Stay focused on the details and step back when you need perspective.

Next time you will be seated at your desk to start a new work day, pick up a letter and carry on. You got this.

Laura Bazile

About the author

Laura Bazile

Laura Bazile
Resolutions Events Ltd

Communications & Event Executive, bilingual French English, focusing on creative and content-led projects

High-profile Executive with a diversified experience combined with in-depth knowledge of event life cycles.

Distinguished professional accomplished in increasing organisational productivity and discovering cost-saving solutions to operational problems.

Innovative Project Manager with proven ability to create and develop profitable programmes through marketing and partner relationships.

Industries I am building bridges with as a communications & event professional? arts, interior design and architecture, membership bodies, education, business travel, digital mix.

Things I am happy to discuss about? events are made by people for people – digital can be more than an innovative way to create people interaction – sustainability is part of any event scheme.

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