CASE STUDY – Techmould

techmouldTHE BRIEF: Techmould were falling down the Google rankings and receiving far less enquiries as a result. The website format was difficult to update and to ‘optimise’. They had been overtaken by their competitors.


1Keyword and competitor research – We found out exactly what phrases people search for when looking for Techmould’s services. We also found out where all of their competitors ranked on those phrases and drew up a plan to get ahead of them.

Photography – Before we created the new product pages to target the key phrases, new photography was commissioned to make the pages more appealing and descriptive. All images were lit and shot in the client’s industrial unit.

Website – The next job was to design and built a new mobile friendly website. We chose Wordpress for it’s simple Content Management System (CMS) and array of plugins. We created a new page for each search phrase we were targeting.

Optimisation – Based on the results of our keyword research, the last phase of the project was to optimise the whole site.  Whilst we were at it, we also rewrote the copy to be search engine friendly.


THE RESULTS: The site is now consistently in the top #5  for all of their main search phrases. They have more than twice the visitors they had before, spending longer on the site, resulting in several times more enquiries each month.