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SEO services ManchesterSEO Services Manchester

SEO is the process by which your site is found via search engines. So how can our SEO services help you? Here’s an overview of our SEO Services Manchester:


SEO Services ManchesterWebsite Audits – By cross referencing Google Analytics data and information from SEO auditing software such as MOS or SEO Profiler, we’ll find out exactly how your website is performing. That will included traffic volumes, conversion rates, direct traffic sources including referring sites and  social media, as well as search traffic and it’s nature. An automated SEO audit will tell us what works from a technical perspective and what needs to be fixed…  [more on a website audit – SEO Services Manchester]

SEO Services ManchesterKeyword research – What are your potential customers searching for? And how often are they searching for it? We’ll start with the most obvious search terms, then broaden them out until we have a comprehensive keyword list. This research will provide the foundation for optimising your site. This is a fundamental stage of a good SEO project- [more on Keyword Research – SEO services Manchester]

SEO Services ManchesterCompetitor Analysis – What key phrases they are targeting? Which ones they are neglecting? Are they spending money on pay-per-click (PPC)? If they are spending on PPC, we’ll know about it. In fact, we’ll be able to provide you with so much information, it’s spooky!  good competitor analysis enables us to pick our battles and get good value out of the time spent on SEO services – [more on Competitor Analysis – SEO services Manchester]

SEO Services ManchesterOptimisation – With the research done, we’ll have the blue print to optimise your site. Page titles, URLs, keyword density, alt tags and meta descriptions will all be fine tuned and we’ll install plugins to prove the effectiveness of our work. The way your text is written is now important to Google. Google looks at readability and specifically Flesch Reading Ease, passive voice and transition words. [More on Optimisation coming soon – SEO services Manchester] 

SEO Services Manchester

For SEO services Manchester is our main catchment area. Our clients benefit from us being able to visit, ask lots of questions and get more of a feel for the business we’re trying to promote. For more information on SEO services Manchester please call 0161 881 9727. For more pages on SEO services Manchester – click here