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Manchester design agencyGraphic Design… the fun stuff!

A Manchester design agency without the ‘Agency’. Myself and my colleagues are experts at asking the right questions. Which is useful, as it’s our job to get to know your business. Understanding what you want to achieve and how you want to be perceived is crucial in writing or understanding your brief. And the brief usually comes down to the same one thing for most customers… bring us more business.

The fun for us, is in communicating the right message too your customers. In order to get there, we’ll work together. Where any other Manchester design agency might put your project to a junior once you’ve signed on the dotted line, at Red design, you’ll deal with myself, martin, all the way. You tell me what you think you’d like to say, and how you want to be perceived and I’ll work out how best to say it. And this is what I enjoy most of all. 

It could be the logo that sits on at the top of your letterhead or over your door. It might be the illustration style needed to convey a complex idea. Or the you want to make your printed material stand right out from your competitors. Simple business card design can transform the way potential customers see you. The same logo on the same sized card can be handled a thousand different ways. Which might be the right one for you.


Manchester design agency

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