Invasion of the Zombie Office Workers! – By Louise Mosley

invasion of the office workers

Invasion of the Zombie Office Workers! – By Louise Mosley

Invasion of the Zombie Office Workers!

louise mosly

By Louise Mosley

Business Coach
NB Coaching

How I know Louisemartin jones seo consultant

My name is Martin Jones and I’m a web development and SEO consultant in Manchester. I’ve known Louise Mosley from NB Coaching for seeral years via The Business Network South Manchester. Apart from being a great business coach, Louise is lovely and warm person and shares with me a love of fine English ales.

Like many business owners I have been working from home for many years.  

I have an environment conducive to my working style, boundaries around working hours, systems to help me stay focused and productive and a morning routine which is now a daily habit.  It has taken a while to find what works for me and then overnight, I now have an interloper sharing my space!

Whilst it has been lovely to have lunch and breaks together (and of course there are much bigger issues going on in the world right now!) I have been rather surprised at just how distracting a co worker can be.

Maybe it’s because I am so used to working in an environment I have previously inhabited alone.  

I had no idea how many times an hour someone could tut, swear at their screen, jiggle their legs or ask for my opinion on something I have absolutely no clue about!

tips on working from homeLuckily I have been introduced to an app called Noisli, it allows you to create a mix of background noises which can help you to block out distractions.  You can set a timer for a focused work session and the fact you have headphones on can act as your do not disturb sign.

Here’s the link if you want to give it a try.

I would be interested to hear if anyone has any other tips for working from home which are helping them to adapt to the current situation.


Louise Mosley

About the author

louise mosley working from home

Louise Mosley
NB Coaching

I meet many business owners who left corporate life to set up on their own because they had fantastic skills & a passion for the services they offer.

However, in time the reality of working alone sets in. They find themselves working harder &harder, spending less time where they really add the value, forgetting why they went into business in the 1st place!

We all have a unique set of skills & strengths, our own way to add value but over time we can lose sight of this… [READ MORE]

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