5 ways to protect against Ransomware?

5 ways to protect against Ransomware?

protect against RansomwareHow do I protect against Ransomware?

WannaCry 2.0 ransomware began spreading on Friday, affecting multiple organisations including the NHS in what appears to have been an untargeted attack.

Don’t assume that the danger of WannaCry has passed. The MalwareTech ‘map’ of the WannaCry outbreak shows new infections every minute. And there will be new iterations of this attack with ransomware use on the increase.

Here are steps you can take right now to protect your business against Ransomware.

1)  Make sure you continue to keep your antivirus software up to date.

2)  Train your employees to be aware. People remain the biggest source of security breaches. Employees unwittingly open malicious emails or go to corrupted sites and expose their employers’ networks and infrastructures to malicious software.

3) Backups are probably the most important method to restore your systems if you suffer a ransomware attack. Make sure that your backups are detached when the backup is not occurring. Otherwise, you risk that even backup files will be corrupted.

4) Keep all of your software programs updated. Software developers frequently patch vulnerabilities with new updates.

5) Use pop-up blockers. They not only block unwanted pop-ups but also protects against browser hijacks, malware, and adware.