Hairdressers terrible hair!

Hairdressers terrible hair!

haircutWhy do hairdressers have terrible hair?

A town with just two hairdressers. One has an amazing, resplendent hair-do. The other’s is an unkempt mess. Which do you go to?

The answer… you go to the hairdresser with the awful haircut as he’s responsible for the other guy’s. Perhaps for the same reasons, we web designers struggle with the upkeep of our own marketing material, and particularly our websites?

And an out-of-date website might be a sign that you’re not pro-active enough, if you’re a web developer, maybe you don’t practice what you preach.

For the past 18 months I’ve been thinking about updating my website. The simple truth is, if you’re busy with paying work, how do you find the time? Furthermore, the lack of a brief and feedback means decisions are harder to make and incredibly easy to go back on.

The solution (perhaps obviously) is to approach it in the same way as paying work.

Time has to be put aside for marketing exercises no matter how busy you are. Too much work is always better than not enough. So even when you’re busy, you have to put time aside for marketing.

I say this every year… but from now on I’ll spend at least four hours a week on marketing exercises.

That might include meeting potential clients or partner businesses. It will certainly include writing content. And we’ve now added ten minutes each day to use social media… I promise!