google wants us to be more helpful

google wants us to be more helpful

seo consultant manchesterBy Martin Jones

Digital marketing consultant and web development business owner with 21 years running Red Design. In this series, I’ll be describing the new AI marketing tools and how they can help your business.

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Google’s latest update is a big one.

But it’s also simple…

Be helpful!


What has Google said?

Google insists that the purpose of all its updates is to ensure better content.

That also means that you’re more likely to fall behind your search engine competitors and turn to pay-per-click. But that’s another topic for another blog.

“…original, high-quality content that demonstrates qualities of what we call E-E-A-T: expertise, experience, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.”

What does Google want?

In short, Google wants your website content to be informative and useful to the reader.

With its latest update, Google is on a mission to demote the “unhelpful” content cluttering up the internet.

If your content feels like it’s been designed more for bots than for people, you might be in trouble…

Quality is king!

We need to think carefully about our content. Plan the page content with care and consideration for the reader. If you’ve already done so, you’re ahead of the game and most likely, your competitors.


Getting it wrong:

  1. You’ve added as much content as possible
  2. Your content is repetitive
  3. You’ve used lots of stock photography
  4. You used AI to write your content or rewrite someone else’s
  5. You don’t stand out from your competitors.


Getting it right:

  1. Show Your E-A-T:
    • Expertise
    • Authoritativeness
    • Trustworthiness
  2. Do some original research
  3. Work out what your audience wants to know
  4. Break your page up into sub-topics
  5. Play by the rules.

– Get involved –

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