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As a digital marketing company, Red Design covers a wide range of skills across the online marketing disciplines. In fact, there’s no point in trying to put it all down in here. But suffice to say, if you need it done, or need advice on it, we can help.

We will help you decide what digital marketing services will suit your needs and provide the expertise you need. And you only pay for the work done, task-by-task.

To give you an idea, there are some broad categories listed below. If you’re not sure what you’re after, just call Martin Jones on 0161 881 9727. He’ll answer any questions you might have about anything web-related. If he doesn’t know the answer, Martin will go and find that answer.

No Retainer

The main thing that separates us from the average digital marketing company in Manchester, is that we do not charge a retainer for any of our digital marketing services. 

Given that a retainer is a great way to make money over the long term, you might be asking why we haven’t adopted the retainer model? Simple, because we don’t think its best for the client. If you pay a set amount each month to your digital marketing company, how you do you know what’s being done each month? Also, if the digital marketing agency providing those online marketing services knows they’re getting paid each month, regardless of the results, where is their incentive?

Pay for the work done each month and stop at any time.

Technical Digital Marketing info below

Keyword & Competitor Research

Good research is the cornerstone of any digital marketing, organic SEO or Pay-per-click project.

It’s easy to make assumptions at the very beginning of a project that will continue to cost you money for years to come. So, who are your online competitors are and what your potential customers search for have to be investigated thoroughly and without preconceptions. For some businesses, that process may actually be really simple.

Extra on Research

If you have a niche business, only trade locally and don’t have many competitors, it will be fairly easy to draw up a list of the keywords and phrases for which you want your website to be ranked.

If you sell a wide range of products, or provide a wide range of services, then we need to make sure we’re focusing in the right area when it comes to optimising or creating your websit content. If we add to that equation a bunch of agressive competitors, it gets really interesting. What we want to avoid when deciding which keyphrases to target, is going head-to-head with a competitor that has far more reseources than you. However, if we’re smarter and more focussed in our approach we can prevail.

The three most important considerations in deciding what keyphrases to target are relevance, competition and search volume. Give Martin a call ad he’ll explain all.

Organic SEO

Organic search engine optimisation is more than just bunging a few keywords into the back of your web pages. It needs to be technically correct whilst not getting in the way of it being compelling content. As with everything, balance is important.

Organic SEO is what drives customers to your website in the first instance, without having to pay each time someone clicks through. So, have that initial discussion around organic SEO at the start of your web development project rather than after.

More on Organic SEO

But organic SEO should work hand-in-hand with Pay-per-click. A well optimised page, with good content and good calls-to-action will also perform better as a Pay-per-click landing page and make your digital marketing budget go further.

With Google Adwords as the example, a more relevant page with good content, will have a better ‘Quality Score’ when used as an Adwords landing page for that topic. That higher Quality Score means Google will reward you with a lower Cost-per-click, freeing up more of your budget and giving you a better return on your investment.

In order for a page to work well organically, the subject of the page has to be clear to the search engines and be helpful to the user. That kind of clear and useful content will also pay dividends outside of organic digital marketing.

A good organic landing page will also save you a lot of money on your Pay-per-click campaigns and on your digital marketing budget. Furthermore, well optimised content that ranks organically means you don’t have to be reliant on the Pay-per-click model.

Pay-per-click Management

Pay-per-click simply refers to paid advertising that links through to your website. You pay each time someone clicks through to your website via these ads. Google Adwords, Bing Paid and Facebook Ads are just a few examples of Pay-per-click.

The biggest challenge with running Pay-per-click campaigns is efficiency. Your digital marketing agency or SEO consultant should be clear about your return on investment and get some organic SEO value from the PPC work they’re doing for you.

Keep reading

If your Pay-per-click campaigns return a net profit for you, you might assume they’re being well run. But how do you know? Are they wasteful? Could they be generating a lot more enquiries than they do at present? Maybe you want fewer enquiries, but much higher-value ones.

This is where Pay-per-click management come is. I, Martin, manage the Pay-per-click technicians and account managers. I understand well enough what it is they do, to scrutinise their work and see where it might be improved. I can’t b fobbed off and I can explain what they are doing to you. In the same way, I will convey what it is you need from them in terms of results. What they consider a ‘conversion’ is often not what they consider a conversion.

Crucially for the Pay-per-click account managers, I make sure they have the in-page content, the insight into your business and the competitor and keyword research they need in order to do a better job.

So, if you’re not sure what you’re paying for, need a second opinion or an introduction to a new supplier, I can take the pain away.

Visitor Tracking

Digital marketing companies and web development companies often neglect good tracking because it’s tricky to get right. But good tracking and analytics provide feedback that makes your digital marketing exercises more efficient. Getting it right pays huge dividends over time.

Depending on the size of your websites reach and the volume of enquiries it generates, we will decide what tracking and website analytics is best for you.

There's more...

If you want to record your calls we can do that, as well as learn more about your conversions from those calls. Perhaps we need to larn more about your customers to improve the performance of your Pay-per-click campaigns? There are lots of options out there and we will help to integrate them into your website and make sense of them for you.

Good data and it’s availabiliy is a huge advantage you can have over your competitors. ach month, it can give us insight and ideas of how we can do better.

Local SEO

Local SEO is pretty self explanatory. If you have a product or service that people search for or source locally, then you don’t need to go to the cost and efort to rank for it nationally or globally.

For example, lets say you sell organic vegetables and deliver to a few local areas. You need to let you customers know what you sell and what parts of the country you deliver to. Also, you might need to ket them easily find out where you shop is.

More on Local SEO

This can be done first of all by making sure that you have the right content on your website. Then, you want to make the most of Google’s map listings to ensure you come up in those type of search engine results. One great tool for managing your local search engine results of Google My Businss… It’s easy to set up, takes little maintenance and once set up correctly, with a little instruction, you can do it yourself.

Digital Marketing Planning

Where are your limited resources best deployed? All clients are limited by budget. Most are limited by the hours in the week and all are limited by not knowing quite where to start.

The planning stage of a digital marketing project gives us the best chance of providing the required return on your investment further down the line. Any digital marketing company worth their salt will insist on doing their own research to make sure that return on investiment is met.

Additional info.

The first stage is to find out what your online marketing exercise are at present, and what they do for you.

From that base-line, we can decide what is achieveable withe the budget we have. Those goals help us to decide what channels we will engage with and what the individual little steps along the way will be.

At the end of the planning stage, we’ll have a clear plan and we’ll know who we’ll want to be involved in the delivery of your digital marketing exercises. And crucialy, those tasks will be executed by specialists, based on solid research and tracked in order to quantify the success or otherwise of the process. With good reporting and tracking, this process is continually refined to give you more return for your invstment of time and money.

Social Media

Everyone is familiar with Social Media and we probably all use it to some degree, even if we don’t admit it. But how do you make it work for your business?

Social media management for business is a distinct skill-set in it’s own right, but can cross over into conent marketing and also affect SEO.

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Therefore there should be a strategy that includes what has been learned from keyword and competitor research. You want to use the language your customers use in relation to your products and services and be on the platforms they use.

The effectiveness of social media for your business will depend on what it is you offer and what social media plaforms your target audience regularly use. You also need to consider how receptive they will be to you on Social Media. Are you going to try and sell to them, or just raise brand awareness?

If you provide a service that is particularly immotive, related to something people love or care about personall and talk about onlin to their social network, then Social media is a must. For example, those of us with pets lov talking about them and posting pictures of them. So, if you run a vets practice, your customers will be talking about you on-line at some point. You want to be part of that conversation. You want to be there when someone says great things about you and there to answer any negative comments also.

If however, you provice the type of service that peopl don’t get so excited about, for example accounting services, then it’s a different challenge alltogether.

That’s were the real expertise comes in… Understanding the following: What are the best platforms for your business? What is the right message? What type of engagement do we want? How wil we measure it’s success?

As will all web-related content, if you can make it visually appealing, people are far more likely to pay attention. So design needs to play a part. Infographics, portraits of the person posting, simple icons… anything to give your posts a visual hook and remind people of what they’ve seen. We all thik in visual images and without them, we struggle to remember what we’ve seen or heard. And in an increasingly crowded space, social media posts absolutely have to stand out.

Email Marketing

Email marketing and email campaigns are a great way to increase sales from your existing customer base and nurture customers over the long term.

The key to a good email marketing campaign though, as with most things, is good content.

Want to know more?

Everyone has heard of Mail Chimp and is familiar with the concept. Lots of CRM systems now have email marketing functionality now also, though the dedicated email campaign platforms tend to do a better job.

The benefit of using email marketing functionality built in to your CRM is the access to your customer dataase and sales funnel processes. But there are ways to get the best of both worlds. Email templates can be exported from one to the other as can the database, or a section of the database you wish to send to.

It needs to be relevant to the recipient and it needs to be visually interesting enough to grab their attention very quickly. So the template design for your campaigns needs to look great and shouldn’t be held back by the limitations of your CRM’s template builder. If you can’t get a decent looking template out of say, Zoho, then build it in Mail Chimp and import it.

One of the big benefits of email marketing is the knowledge you already have about the recipient.

Lets suppose you’re sending out a campaign to existing customers, and you sell craft beer…

You should know the customer’s name, what part of the country they live in and what beer they like. That’s a lot of information to be starting with. It means it can be personalised and you an not only remind they that you sell somethng they love, beer, but also introduce them to other beers they might not have thought of buying. Cross-sell the bitter drinker some porters or amber ales in the winter months. Push the light, golden, hopppy stuff when summer approaches. Or you might target customers by region, with news of beers local to them.

You get my point. I like beer!

But the thing that really helps make email marketing succeed is the reporting. You can see real-time data showing the delivery, opening, deletion, click-throughs etc of your camaign as soon as it’s been sent out. This data helps you refine the process each time you send an email campaign and improve your conversion rates.

The next logical step, once you have your campaigns designed, database in place and have run some tst campaigns, is to add some automation. Send campaigns automatically, triggered by the recipient’s interaction with your website or other campaigns. For instance, if someone fills out a contact form on your website, that action should add them to a mailing list and send them an innitial email campaign. if they click on one of the products within it, that might triger another email campaign in a weeks time, introducing another product.

And the beauty is, it’s low cost and very trackable.


Backlinking refers to links into your website from an outside source. Those backlinks might be from another website, a directory or a piece of editorial somewhere on-line. Some times referred to as Link Building, it is an area of SEO often done badly or neglected altogether due to budget restraints.

It is always worth getting your web development company or SEO consultant to check for and remove any toxic or dodgy looking backlinks.

Lots more info. on Backlinks

Good quality backlinks and link building services benfit the organic rankings of your website.

It’s worth noting that link building is only really worth engaging in once you have the fundamental SEO elements in place; good content and in-page optimisation.

Once you have pages ranking for the keywords you are targeting, and have perhaps seen those search engine rankings plateau, it might be time to plan a link building exercise, executed over a six month or so period.

It’s perhaps easier to understand what constitutes bad link building, before we move onto the good link building practices..

Bad backlinking services include the following, though it’s worth noting, these did work at some point in the past… just not in 2020:

  • Anything on Fiverr – you get what yu pay for, and Fiverr is cheap and a waste of money
  • Private Blog Networks, known as (PBNs) – these stopped being effective for link building in 2017 when Google put their foot down
  • Paid Guest Posts – simply because they go against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, you swill get penalised instead of rewarded
  • Push Button backlinks – which include any you can buy in bulk and you’ll definitely get pealised for having spammy backlinks
  • Press Releases – most press release distribution services are ‘no-folloed and as such. have no benefit.

And so here are some examples of good backlinking:

  • Help a Reporter Out (HARO) – where you bcome th source of a story for journalists

  • Content Marketing Agencies – that’s all they do and so do it well

  • Blogger Outreach Services – they find bloggers who are suited to you, contact them and following up

  • SEO Agency – can be expensive as part of a package, rather than using a specialist

  • Guest Posting Services – they find the blogs, negotiate rates, write the posts and get them published

  • PR Agencies – provides more than the backlinking service and helps raise your profile with newsworthy content
  • Inforgraphics Agency – they come up with a topic and create visual content – or just hire a graphic designer.

Website Audits

A good audit of your website can save a lot of unnecessary work and ensure the crucial stuff is prioritised.

We use a mixture of online tools and analytics to see how it’s performing and where it can be improved. We’ll establish a benchmark so that we can quantify the improvements we’re going to make. 

Those audit results allow us to draw up a to-do list of online marketing tasks that has no waste in it. 

We will make sure you only have reports you understand and are happy to answer any questions you might have.

Our website audit might include:

  1. volume of traffic
  2. source of traffic
  3. quality of traffic
  4. conversion rate
  5. current keyword rankings
  6. technical errors and warnings
  7. site speed
  8. security.

A sample To-Do List might look like this:

  1. fix broken links
  2. remove duplicate page titles
  3. speed up loading time
  4. secure the login page
  5. put back-ups in place
  6. conduct keyword research
  7. carry out competitor research
  8. re-optimise your content.

How Can We Help?

Digital Marketing Company

As a Digital Marketing company in Manchester, what do we do?

Digital marketing doesn’t have to be a mystery. The work of a digital marketing company will include the improvement of anything you do on-line to promote your business. Bringing more people to you website, how you use your social media accounts, the language you use on-line, pay-per-click advertising or using email campaigns to keep in touch with your customers.

It sounds more complicated than it is, but that’s what Digital Marketing Companies are here for… to help you identify and reach your audience online. That’s the whole point of a Digital Marketing Company, to put appropriate content infront of your audience, wherever they happen to be. 

As a Digital Marketing Company, we’ll ask lots of questions about your business and customers. Then we can work with you to put together a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. This will provide you with a list of online marketing exercises which might include creating Editorial, Link Building, Email Campaigns, Video Content, Social Media Management, Blog Scheduling, Online Surveys, Visitor Tracking or lead generation and lead management. Good research and planning is the key, so that by the time we get stuck into the marketing part of the project, we know ho we’re targeting and what our message is.

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