CASE STUDY – Cottam Parkinson

CASE STUDY – Cottam Parkinson

cottam parkinsonTHE BRIEF: Cottam Parkinson had tried Pay-Per-Click, but didn’t feel it was the best return on their investment. They also wanted to update their branding and website, whilst looking at organic search engine rankings.


brandingBranding – We decided on a bright, bold and contemporary twist on the dull, traditional iconography of the industry. As soon as we started to draw up some ideas, we created a quick version of the logo, using one of the symbols, which ended up as the final version.

Stationery designStationery design – We drew more icons until we had a suite of them that could be combined to describe their breadth of services. This gave us the direction for the brand in broad terms. The idea is that the cards stand out and are memorable.

Keyword research Keyword research – Based on the results of our keyword research, the next phase of the project was to optimise the whole site.  We tweaked the copy, tagged up images and modified page titles to match our key phrases. Finally, we set up redirects from the old pages to the new ones so

Website redesignWebsite redesign – The icons became a key feature of the website design. We designed the site with dark background images to make the bright colours stand out all the more. Once built, we went through updates and content management.


Optimisation – Al of the old pages were renamed to suit our target key phrases. Then we set up redirects so that we wouldn’t get any ‘page not found’ errors once the site went live. Last of all, we evaluated the SEO of each page and the health of the whole site to make it sure it was ready.


THE RESULTS: Customers love the new site. They have confidence in their brand and they have control over the content of their website. And most important of all, new pages are starting to rank, and they’ll soon have new customers to do business with.

case study
cottams before and after