Coping with Covid… Positive pants, by Martin jones

coping with covid

Coping with Covid… Positive pants, by Martin jones

It’s time to get your positive pants on!

Coping with Covid and everyday challenges.

martin jones seo consultantBy Martin Jones
Web development and SEO consultant in Manchester.

The reasons to feel down at the moment are pretty obvious…

But there’s more than enough positivity going around to keep our spirits afloat.

Personally, I’ve struggled a bit over the last two weeks, though I appreciate it’s been nowhere near as hard for me as it’s been for others.

Anyway, here’s the whingy bit.

This is what’s been chipping away at me over the last few weeks:

  • constant covid-19 news
  • projects being cancelled
  • clients going quiet
  • income dropping
  • a compulsion to work too hard
  • my parter being furloughed
  • my elderly parents
  • missing my Jui Jitsu classes
  • missing the pub (though I hardly ever went)
  • and 5 days with a broken boiler, having to wear four ****ing layers round the clock, not having a decent shower and boiling the kettle to wash the dishes.

That’s better!

Nothing terrible in the grand scheme of things, but I’ve had a few wobbles nonetheless. But I usually talk myself down again in a minute to two, as I’m a definite optimist.

More importantly, I know there’s no point in worrying if I’m doing all I can to better my situation.

So here’s how I’ve been coping with covid and getting over my admittedly modest hurdles:

  • not focussing on the stats around Covid-19
  • communicating with my clients
  • marketing my business very hard.
  • taking a 3 month mortgage holiday
  • speaking to my folks each day
  • doing online Jui Jitsu sessions
  • still not going to the pub
  • pestering three plumbers simultaneously until one turned up.

Reasons to be cheerful

coping with covid

This is the easy part, especially for an eternal optimist like me:

  • I’m unfit but healthy
  • my loved ones are safe
  • everything has gone on-line
  • …including beer delivery
  • everyone is talking more 
  • spring has sprung
  • the air is cleaner
  • the house is SO clean!
  • the garden looks great
  • the allotment is in order
  • I’m getting better at darts
  • I don’t have to leave the house
  • we’ve got a fab new boiler that even has a remote control!

And besides all of these lovely little blessings, this whole episode seems to be inspiring people to adapt and collaborate more than ever.

To me at least, it seems to be bringing out the best in people. We’ve all seen so much kindness on the news and on our streets. Fantastic, considering how stressful this has to be for most people.

I’m still really, really missing my Jiu Jitsu classes though. But I’ll try and count those blessings every day, no matter what the coming months throw at us all.

Stay positive,

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