Best WordPress plugins

Best WordPress plugins

4919659112_70f8836dfaHere’s my list  my 10 most useful and best WordPress plugins.

These are for easy WordPress updates and WordPress security. In order to make your website easier to update and more secure, you want to install the right combination of, and the best Wordpress plugins.

These WordPress plugins are all are and simple to use. Have a go at installing and setting them up for yourself. If it’s a bit outside of your skill set, get the person responsible for your website content, or website security to install them for you. It’s important, once these plugins are running on your site, that you keep them up to date. Out of date WordPress plugins are a security risk.


 10 most useful WordPress plugins – not in any particular order:

#1 – Yoast SEO 

#2 – Hide Login Page

#3 – Widget Visibility

#4 – TinyMCE Advanced

#5 – 301 Redirects

#6 – Simple Captcha

#7 – Limit Login Attempts

#8 – Google Analytics Dashboard

#9 – Duplicate page

#10 – Contact Form 7