Bad Stock Photography

Bad Stock Photography

bad-team-shotBad stock shots. They make me want to cry… and occasionally laugh.

I know it’s cheap, looks reasonably professional and I know it’s difficult finding good images. But, images are so important in creating the right look and feel to your marketing material. It’s well worth spending a little more on stock shots if that’s your only option. But if you can, commission a photographer and get your own images shot.

I’ve rounded up a few examples. Feel free to contribute as you see fit to

Business colleague outdoors, man using telephoneExhibit #1. The classic

He’s dynamic! She’s having a great time at work! She’s lots the contents of her files. Someone has left a window open. They’re both wearing cheap suits from the 1980s!

Entry level stuff, just to get you warmed up.






Multi ethnic family african father caucasian daughter

Exhibit #2. Creepy

Is it cute? It’s not a modern take on an Athena poster?  No. It’s just terrible.

image0002And when I look at the child, all I see is the American comedian and TV actor David Spade (left).





Exhibit #3. Keith Lemon meets Potter’s Lion

I know, I know… so many questions and where to start…

  1. If you’re going to paint someone’s face, take more than sixty seconds to do so.
  2. When casting a lion, pick someone that doesn’t need hair plugs.
  3. Why is he tearing his shirt off?
  4. Who is searching for a balding lion face topless teenager ?*
  5.  For the love of God, why?

* I didn’t search for that by the way, I just happened to find it… honestly.