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What We Do

Red Design take care of  everything a digital marketing agency does;
web development
digital marketing
SEO consultancy
…and all the little things too numerous to mention here.

The difference? Red Design is not an agency, but me, Martin Jones and my network of experts. So, you only pay for the expertise your project requires.

How it works
Web Design Company Manchester
seo consultant

How it works

It’s simple!
   You have an issue or requirement… you call me. 

I will be your single point of contact for all things web development and digital marketing.  What I can, I do myself. For the rest, I use someone from my network of trusted specialists built over the last 20 years.  

Moreover, I can manage your projects and make sure you’re getting good value from your existing suppliers.  I understand what’s involved in the overlapping spheres of web development and digital marketing. I know what to ask, and I know when the answers make sense. 

As one client put it, I’m your bull***t detector. 

So, if you’re not getting straight answers or good value for money, I’m here to help.  That’s how Red Design works. 

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